New Feature by Microsoft Dynamics 365 -Part-1

In this blog we will see the new feature added by Microsoft in new release for general ledger module. All these newly added features can be accessed from “feature Management workspace” in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations.

Let’s start with the list of features added in workspace for General ledger module:

Let’s explore few of the Key features which can help our customers to improve their daily operations efficiency.

  1. Enable dual currency functionality in General ledger consolidation: In General ledger consolidation, a new option is added to consolidate either the accounting or reporting currency amounts from the source companies. If the accounting or reporting currency is the same as the accounting or reporting currency in the consolidation company, it will directly copy the amounts rather than translating them.

Here is the detail explanation of “Dual currency”

  • Resetting workflow status for Journals: The ability to recall a journal in a workflow that has a status of “unrecoverable” is enabled by using the Workflow button on a journal, and on the Workflow history page. This is enabled by the feature named Resetting the workflow status for journals on the Feature management page.
  • Journal unlock button: A new button is added to journals to allow the system admin to unlock journals that are “locked by system” for various reasons
  • Ledger settlement by user: This feature allows users to perform ledger settlement by enabling this from feature management and enabling parameter from General ledger module.

  • Tax setup validation: This feature is basically for Indian localization where it will validate the duplicate value exist in the tax setup.
  • Mass reversals for multiple documents:  This feature allow a user to reverse multiple transactions for a journal. You can also reverse journals from the voucher transaction list without going to the subledger.

Voucher transactions > Select list of vouchers to be revered > click on reverse transactions

Specify reason and date of reversal

You can also view failure of reversals.

Hope this helps to improve your customer’s daily operations!!!


Thank You Nikesh Kurhade for helping in writing this blog !!!

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