1. Hi Surabh – Thanks for that detailed write up. I’ve configured the Process automation in my test environment and scheduled the proposals but what I don’t see is these proposals getting executed. I can’t find the batch job in the batch jobs form. I tried to ‘Initialize background processes’ in system admin module but no luck. How does the batch job get scheduled? Is there any additional step I’m missing.


  2. Similar to Jai’s question, where are you getting the screenshot of the batch job in Step 9? (Sys Admin > Batch Jobs). I’ve filtered the description column on the batch jobs form for contains “Process” and it returns nothing.

    “Step-9: Batch job run

    Make sure process automation batch job is running”


  3. Saurabh,
    Thank you for the blog post and step by step setup instructions. One follow up question, where do I set up the batch job for this process? You mentioned in the first comment to check the batch server and group. What should I be checking for there?
    D365 user


    • Hi Eric,

      Checking batch server and group is common for having any batch job to run in system.
      For this process you need not to setup anything it should be running automatically on enabling this feature.


  4. Few issues we are running into with this:
    1) The posting date is pulling due date rather than the date the journal is created
    2) It is returning invoices as separate lines in the payment journal instead of grouping by vendor, which requires us to manually fix as we wouldn’t want to cut 10 checks to the same vendor or make 10 ACH payments
    3) If we filter on certain method of payments, we are still seeing other method of payments pulling into journal
    Are these know bugs or do we just need to setup in a specific way to correct this behavior?


    • 1. On the payment proposal filter page just specify the criteria as due date and then filter

      2. It is because on method of payment setup , you have period as invoice , change it to tital if you want one payment line and while running proposal you should mark summaries payment date in advance parameters

      3. This shouldn’t happen


      • Thank you for the quick response and help. Much appreciated.
        1. How do you do this with process automation? We created the process automation and all we see is the payment journal that is generated, we don’t see the actual payment proposal screen we normally would if we were creating from “scratch”. Is there a way to actually edit the payment proposal generated from the process automation prior to creating the journal and where would we do this?
        2. We do have this set to Total in method of payment setup. If we create payment proposal manually this works as intended, only with process automation are we seeing this issue.
        3. Will have to look into this one a bit more on our end. We weren’t expecting that behavior either.


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