Generate the trial balance with transactional detail report (New Feature) in Microsoft Dynamics 365 finance and operations

This feature lets you generate a trial balance with transactional detail. The transactional detail provides information such as the transaction date, voucher number, and transaction description. The report includes opening balances, debit or credit amount, a running balance, and the resulting ending balances for a given date range. The report can also be run to include pending ledger transactions, providing a provisional report for analysis of how unposted transactions will impact account balances.

This report was available in AX 2012 and now it is available in D365 as well.


  1. This is available in Version 10.0.13 (Update 37)
  2. Enable feature through feature management

Now, we running this report we need to import the electronic reporting configuration from repository.

Step-1: Open Global Repository

Navigate to, Electronic Reporting workspace > Select Configuration Provider > Select Global > Click Open

Step-2: Import configuration file

Search for Trial balance > Select all configuration > Import

Step-3: Check in Reporting Configuration

Imported configuration should be available in Reporting configuration workspace

Navigate to, Electronic Reporting workspace > Reporting Configuration

Now we can run the detailed trial balance report

To run navigate to, General Ledger > Inquiries and Reports > Trial balance with details > Enter Require parameters > Ok

Review the downloaded file data. This gives for each Account opening, transactions and closing balance details.

Hope this will help customers to validate and get insights of detailed trail balance.

Thank you!!! Keep reading and Sharing!!!


  1. Hi Saurabh,
    This is a very useful feature. However, we can download only 1 month at a time. Have you tried modifying this report for more months since it is a Electronic Report.




  2. Hi Saurabh

    this is a very useful post and allowed me to set-up and run the report. I have one question have you tried to see whether it can be run for multiple companies at a time? The organisation I work for has 8 companies and so this invariably means running a report 8 times to get the information we need unless we modify the standard reports.




    • Hi Simon,

      Generally trial balance is specific to legal entity , for running it for all legal entities together i hope you will configure consolidated legal entity and there you can run consolidated trial balance for all legal entities


  3. Hi Saurabh – this is an excellent tutorial of how to import this report. In the ER I want to set this to print to PDF rather than excel, but I can’t seem to import the excel version back again in the Format Designer of ER post editing the attachment as it is greyed out – do you please have any suggestions? Unless it is because I have to create a draft of the document first from the shared file perhaps, but I am unsure how to do this. Thanks


  4. Dear Saurabh, Did you notice that this trail balance is not showing all unposted entries. its only specific entries are appearing. i am looking for GL, AR, AP, FA lastly if possible pending purchase order invoices and open prepayment.


  5. Hi Saurabh, the post is really helpful. I have question, If we execute the report to run in the background where can we download the excel file from?


  6. Hi Saurabh, Our client has requirement to add Journal Batch Number into this report for easy reconciliation ? have you tried adding it through ER ? If Yes, Please guide.


  7. Hi Saurabh,
    Thanks for the useful post.
    For the below requirement, is there a specific place that I could set this up or modification required, please advise
    – Display only details of the filtered main account instead of ALL main accounts
    – Date format to be in AUS instead of US format
    Much appreciated


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