Saved View (Feature Management) in Microsoft Dynamics 365 finance and operations

Personalization and user experience is a very big plus point of Microsoft Dynamics 365 finance and operations, saved view is another effort in the same direction by Microsoft which provided out of the box “View” based on different roles and responsibilities.

Though user can create as many views as per requirement or share same with other users as well but having something out of the box always helps.

Pre-Requisites: Make sure you enable following features from feature management workspace.

Once you enable all the different saved view features given by Microsoft, you can navigate to each form and utilize them.

I have taken example of one the saved view which on “On-Hand” inventory page. Here you can see there are multiple views available for the users. So, depending on the role user can utilize this.

That’s it for this blog, Keep reading and sharing!!!

Thank You!!!

Thank You Nikesh Kurhade for helping in writing this blog !!!

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