[Credit Management] Process Sales order in credit hold list using blocking rule in Microsoft Dynamics 365 finance and operations: Part-4

In this blog we will now execute ne scenario using one of the blocking rules which we have and see how system puts sales order in credit hold list.

If you have not gone through earlier parts of this series where I have tried explaining required configurations, read here: Part-1, Part-2 and Part-3

Let’s understand this with one Scenario:

Scenario: We have one customer N001 who is having 10,000 as credit limit.

Current outstanding of this customer is 5,000 which means remaining credit limit is 10,000- 5,000= 5,000.

Now we have a blocking rule defined “Credit limit used” with threshold 90%. Which means any customer who is falling under this criterion should not exceed 90 % of credit limit.

So, for customer N001 available credit limit as per this rule is 90% of 10,000 is 9,000 – 5,000(Balance) = 4,000

Now let’s say user creates a sales order with Total Amount = 4,500 which is greater then 4,000. So, when user will try to confirm the sales order system will send this transaction in hold list.

Step-1: Review customer credit limit and customer balance

Step-2: Review blocking rule

Step-3: Create sales order with amount 4,500 and confirm sales order

Step-4: View Credit hold list (Credit and Collection > Credit management hold list > All Credit hold)

Let’s say we release this hold with manager reason

Step-5: Review Hold list and view Confirmed sales order

That’s it for this blog, now in next blog we will cover one more blocking rule with “Customer credit Group” where we will evaluate rule against the group not for individual customer.

Thank You!!! Keep reading and sharing !!!


  1. Hello Saurabh,

    I have one scenario where we have created different Customer Credit Group for different Customers from different legal entity, we have assigned the credit limit in Customer Credit group, but it is not working for all the Customer it allow us to post the Invoices


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