[Credit Management] Use Customer Credit group for credit hold list using blocking rule in Microsoft Dynamics 365 finance and operations: Part-5

In next part of credit management blog series, we will be talking about customer credit group along with one more blocking rule (Amount overdue).

Customer credit group is used for shared credit limit by multiple customers within same legal entity or different legal entities.

Part-1, Part-2, Part-3 and Part-4

Let’s understand this by one scenario:

Objective: Review customer overdue blocking rule and customer credit limit validation using blocking rule

Enable parameter check customer group credit limit


Customer A and B without any credit limit

Customer Credit group = Test with Credit limit 10,000

Added customer A and B to Test group, which means both will have shared limit of 10,000

Create two blocking rules

Rule-1: Overdue amount = 3,000 with 70% credit limit threshold

Rule-2: Credit limit used = 100%


Post Invoice for customer A = 4,000 with due date 20-Oct-2021 which means this invoice is overdue on 22-oct -2021

Now let’s create sales order for customer A = 2,000 (It should not go in hold)

If we create sales order for customer A = 4,000 (It should go in hold)

This is to validate overdue blocking rule, after this customer credit group remaining limit will be 10,000- 4,000 (Invoice) + 4,000 (sales order) = 2,000


After this let’s create sales order for customer B

If we create sales order with amount 1,999 it will not go in hold list

But if we create sales order with amount2,000, it will go in hold list

Note: Ater this we can proceed further to act on credit hold list, I will explain more amount actions in hold list in next blog.

That’s it for this blog, hope this helps you to understand one more blocking rule along with how customer credit group works.

Thank You!!! Keep reading and sharing

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