Configure Expense Management in Microsoft Dynamics 365 finance and operations: Part-1

In Expense management, you can store information about payment methods, travel requisitions, expense reports, policies, and so on. Therefore, there are considerations and the decisions that you must make during the planning process before you configure Expense management.

Because many of the decisions that you make when you plan your configuration for Expense management are based on your organization’s hierarchy and financial structure, you must refer to the planning documents for those areas.

So, in this blog , I will talking about common or basic configurations which we need to do to process over all expense reimbursement.

  1. Expense Categories

Navigate to ; Expense Management > Setup > General > Expense categories

  1. Expense policy

Navigate to ; Expense Management > Setup > Policies > Expense policy

  1. Payment methods

           Navigate to ; Expense Management > Setup > General > Payment methods

  1. Purchase and Travel locations
  1. Workflow for Expense report
  1. Employee mapping with user
  1. Vendor mapping with employee
  1. Expense management parameters

That’s it for this blog, I will be writing about expense report process in next blog.

Thank You !!! Keep reading and sharing !!!


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