Expense Report Policy in Microsoft Dynamics 365 finance and operations: Part-3

After basic configuration and over all process of expense reports in expense management, now in this blog, I will explain about expense report policies.

Part-1 and Part-2

You can define policies that your workers must follow when entering and submitting expense reports and travel requisitions. Implementing expense policies can help you manage expenses effectively.

Expense report policy also allows you to control expense submission as per organization policy.


  1. Enable Fields require on expense report

Navigate: Expense management > Setup > general > Expense report fields

  1. Enable option for expense report policy evaluation

Now, let’s understand policy requirement sing one scenario.

Scenario: Company USMF needs to enforce following for expense report submission.

  1. All expense lines should have receipt attach
  2. Entertainment expense should be < 500 USD
  3. If hotel expenses are submitted, then employee should specify number of nights

Like this there can be lot of scenarios but here this has been taken as explain for you to demonstrate the capability of expense report policies.

So, lets start and configure policy:

Step-1: Setup Entertainment amount < 500 USD policy

Navigate to: Expense management > Setup . Policies > Expense report

Step-2: Setup receipt attachment requirement policy

Step-3: Setup Number of nights require for hotel category

Now let’s evaluate all this by creating a expense report

That’s it for this blog, I will try to cover more basics of expense management in coming blogs.

Thank You!!! Keep reading and sharing!!!


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