Expense reports reimagined in Microsoft dynamics 365 finance and operations: Part-4

In this blog, I will demonstrate new feature of expense report (reimagined), which brings fantastic user experience.

For previous parts please click here: Part-1, Part-2 and Part-3

Expense report entry has been redesigned to simplify the process and reduce the time needed to complete a report. Here are the major components of the new expense experience:

  • A new expense management workspace that lets you access your delegate’s expenses.
  • A new receipt matching experience to better show header-level receipts and simplify the process of attaching receipts to expense lines.
  • A new read-only grid that lets you view many more expense lines and other columns of data. You can now see all itemized and split lines, together with their parent expenses.
  • A simplified pane for editing expenses.
  • Redesigned error, warning, and policy messages to provide the correct context and understanding of the issue and how to resolve it. We have removed several of the messages that appeared before users could complete their tasks and address the issues.
  • A new page to specify required fields, optional fields, and the fields that should not be included. This page helps to reduce the number of fields that must be set.
  • A new look and feel for expense reports, so that the reports no longer seem as though they were designed for accounting personas.

Enable feature:

  • The existing expense workspace is replaced with the new workspace.
  • A new menu item for expense field visibility is added.
  • No existing menu items for expense reports (the existing page) or expense report fields are removed.
  • Workflows and any approvals still take you to the existing expense reports page.

The initial release is focused on expense entry scenarios. Any expense report review or approval scenario will continue to use the existing expense entry page.

The following features aren’t supported on the Expense reports reimagined workspace, but are planned for future releases:

  • Travel requisition integration
  • Per diem expense entry
  • Interim approver support
  • Ability to view workflow history

Now, here is the demonstration of all features with screenshots only, no explanation:

That’s it for this blog, I will come with new blog soon to cover expense management.

Thank You!!! Keep reading and sharing!!!

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