[Advance Bank reconciliation]-Setting up import bank statement format in Microsoft Dynamics 365 finance and operations: Part-1

Many of us observed the recent changes on Advance bank reconciliation that now we don’t need to create the data project for bank statement format using data management and now its completely based on electronic reporting framework.

Now many of us couldn’t figure out how these configurations can be availed??? Do we need to create from scratch or is it something ready to use??? Also, I will be explaining the structure of MT940 bank statement.

So, yes this is available on LCS, and we can use that. In this blog I will try to explain how we can extract and configure these formats.

Step-1: Navigate to electronic reporting workspace

Select the configuration provider > repositories

Step-2: Login to LCS repositories (Import require model)

Step-3: View imported reporting configuration

Step-4: Setup bank statement format in cash and Bank setup

Step-5: Enable and map format on Bank account


Many of us gets confused about MT940 bank format structure and ask for sample files, now no need with this explanation you can create your own using note pad.

Here is the explanation of each tag in format

That’s it for this blog, next part I will write about further configuration related to advance bank reconciliation.

Thank You!!! Keep reading and sharing!!!


  1. Thank you for sharing knowledge..
    After import of Bank Statement format from LCS. Do we need to design tags for reading bank statement or MS provide some basic design to read Mt940.


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