Data validation checklist workspace in Microsoft Dynamics 365 finance and operations

The Data validation checklist workspace lets you track data validation processes across companies, areas, and people. The checklist can be used during a new implementation, after an upgrade, or after a migration. Depending on your view of the Data validation checklist workspace, you’ll see either all tasks and statuses for a data validation project, or just the tasks that are assigned to you.

You must first select a data validation project at the top of the workspace. All data that is shown in the workspace is then filtered by the selected data validation project.

This is going to help us in setting up accountability with stakeholders. Let’s see how it can use setup and used

Note: This process can be enhanced to make this more user friendly and controlled.


Step-1: Open workspace and create Project

Step-2: Add Area, legal entity, and Tasks


Step-1: View Workspace

Step-2: Open task and change status

That’s it for this blog, hope this will help you to bring the control over data validation process.

Thank you !!! Keep reading and sharing !!!

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