Manage additional charges [Mark New] in advance bank reconciliation in Microsoft dynamics 365 finance and operations: Part-3

This is the part-3 of advance bank reconciliation blog series, now after understanding the end-to-end basic process of reconciliation now let’s introduce few additional scenarios. Also, will try to show some new features to ease out this process.

You can visit Part-1 and Part-2 here.

Scenario: Bank statement is having some interest received in bank account which is not available in D365 bank transactions, So let’s see how this can be manages along with accounting entry.

Expected accounting entry: Debit Bank and Credit interest account (Depending what is configured on bank transaction type under Setup)

Step-1: Import bank statement

Step-2: reconcile bank statement

Step-3: Mark additional transaction

Step-4: Mark statement as reconciled

Step-5: Navigate to bank statement and open statement

Map transaction type against the new transaction and post statement

That’s it for this blog, hope it will help you to manage this scenario during reconciliation

Thank you !!! Keep reading and sharing !!!

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