Reverse [Posted statement, Reconciliation and Simple reconciliation] for advance bank reconciliation in Microsoft dynamics 365 finance and operations: Part-4

In this blog, we will be talking abut few new features released by Microsoft for advance bank reconciliation.

You can refer previous blogs on this here Part-1, Part-2, and Part-3.

We will explore following features

  1. Revert to simple bank reconciliation from advanced bank reconciliation
  2. Reverse posted bank statement
  3. Reverse reconciled advanced bank reconciliation

Now its not so easy to reverse all this it has lot of restrictions, so lets see what are the dependency we have

  1. There should not be any bank statement for the bank account
  2. There should not be any matched transactions for open bank reconciliation
  3. There should not be any open bank reconciliation
  4. To have open bank reconciliation, Reverse bank reconciliation should be used
  5. To reverse bank reconciliation, we need to reverse posted bank statement

Let’s understand all this with one scenario:

Scenario:  We have one bank account USMF New which is enabled for advance reconciliation. Now we have one bank statement which is reconciled and posted as well.

Now user realized that we are not going to use advance bank reconciliation for this account and want roll back to simple bank reconciliation.

So lets see how can we do this

Step-1: Enable all features

Step-2: Reverse posted bank statement

When we try to disable, we get error of reversing existing posted statements

Step-3: Reverse reconciliation

After reversing statement system gives reversing reconciliation

Step-4: Remove open bank reconciliation

Once we reverse reconciliation it is available as open and it has matched transaction, so we need to remove both

Step-5: Remove open bank statement

After reversing all reconciliation, system, asks for removing existing bank statement which are open and imported.

Step-6: Now finally we can disable advance bank reconciliation

That’s it for this blog, So conclusion is we have features for reversing posted statement, reconciliation and simple bank reconciliation but its has lot of dependencies to use them.

Thanks you!!! Keep reading and sharing!!!


  1. Thank you Saurabh. I have an issue with client, i reversed the back reconciliation statement. Its now open but the Unmatch buttons are still greyed out. Is there something that missed.
    Kind regards,


  2. I tried the scenario of adding the new transactions in the bank statement as per the blog. when I am trying to reverse the bank reconciliation, the system is not allowing me to reverse the same. It is giving the error message “Bank reconciliation cannot be reversed due to existing new transactions”.


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