[End to End] Travel Requisition-Cash Advance-Expense report in Microsoft dynamics 365 finance and operations: Part-5

Hi everyone, welcome to the next blog on expense management after a long time. I was trying to explore few things around travel and cash advance so thought to document the same.

You can read earlier parts here: Part-1, Part-2, Part-3 and Part-4.

In this blog I will try to give some idea about travel requisition and cash advance, and how this is applied on final expense report. Let’s understand this by a scenario:

Scenario: Julia employee at UMSF want to travel for a conference, so needs to rase request and request for some cash advance.

Travel requisition amount = 1000

Cash advance = 600

Now when expense report is submitted these both are applied and after applying cash advance USMF needs to pay remaining 400 to Julia and Travel requisition should be closed along with cash advance balance.


Enable few features available

Setup parameter for Travel requisition reconciliation and cash advance account

Step-1: Create Travel requisition, enter lines and submit for approval

Step-2: Now lets create cash advance for this travel and submit for approval

Step-3: Pay the cash advance

Note: I have not made the payment entry so it will be showing as outstanding on vendor transactions

Step-4: Create expense report, apply cash advance, map travel requisition, and process the same

Note: There is a feature where we can apply cash advance at line level but that is only when we sue “Expense report reimagined” feature but in old way system automatically applies the open cash advance to expense report from that employee.

Step-5: Review travel requisition and cash advance status

There are few things which I have observed e.g., Cash advance at line level available on workspace but not on regular screen and the amping of travel requisition on workspace. Hopefully this will be resolved in near future.

That’s t for this blog, hope this will help you.

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