Allow edits to internal data on general ledger vouchers in Microsoft Dynamics 365 finance and operations

Most data on posted general ledger accounting entries must never be modified. But some fields on an accounting entry have no impact on external financial statements, such as the Description field. They are instead used for internal purposes. This feature allows the accounting manager or accounting supervisor to edit the description on posted accounting entries. An Audit trail of voucher edits will be maintained to track when the change was made, who made the change and the original and new values.

Prerequisites: Enable feature in feature management

Navigate to Voucher transactions screen and select voucher line which require field update (You can select multiple records)

Update each selected report one by one or update bulk records

View the audit trail for all edits

Few observations:

  1. Only one field is available for edit as of now, may be reason code and comment can be added in future for edit
  2. Update reason can also be given along with bulk update button, as of now user must add after new description

3. Option to keep Reason for edit as mandatory, otherwise when we see audit history, we don’t see any reason and it might lead to a confusion

4. Also, if there can be a detailed report at voucher level as of now it is at each modification level

Thank you , Keep reading and sharing !!!

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