Process Expense report in Expense management using Microsoft dynamics 365 finance and operations: Part-2

After Part-1 of expense management configuration, in this blog we will be processing a expense report which needs to be reimbursed to employee.

Expense accounting entries are:

  1. On approval of expense line or report:

Debit category expense (needs to be picked from expense category master)

   Credit Employee vendor account

  1. Payment

Debit Employee vendor account

            Credit Bank/cash

Let’s start the process:

Step-1: Create Expense report

Step-2: Add expense lines and details

Step-3: Attach receipt and itemization details against expense line

Step-4: Submit report for approval

Step-5: review and approve expense report

Step-6: View approved expense accounting transactions and status

Step-7: Process and view payment status

Thats it for this blog, in next part, I will be talking more specific about different components of expense report e.g., expense category policy.

Thank You!!! Keep reading and sharing!!!


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